BOTANIQ Castle of Tura has become the sleepfriendly hotel of the year
The Sleepfriendly Hotel awards were presented again at the international sleep conference organised by the Hungarian Sleep Association at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The Sleepfriendly Excellence Award was this year presented to Botaniq Castle of Tura and Várda Sport Hotel for creating exemplary conditions for sleeping in their hotels, and for their managers being committed to quality sleep.

 The Sleepfriendly Excellence Award is announced and rated in Hungary every year under the patronage of the professional partners of World Sleep Society, the world organisation for sleeping.

The prestigious award was presented on the World Sleep Day, on 17 March 2023, and the award ceremony was organised by the Hungarian Sleep Association. Related to the international programme, the recognition serves to rate accommodation establishments that implement key aspects in favour of sleep culture. Its aim is to draw the attention of hosts offering sleep opportunities to the neat and professionally designed bedrooms, and this includes the presence of additional equipment and services, as well. An important aspect of the rating is the commitment of the managers and co-workers of the participating institutions to creating the quality criteria for sleeping.

The management of BOTANIQ Castle of Tura is committed to offering its guests the highest quality and experience possible, that is why the hotel places particular emphasis on creating the conditions for restful sleep. The mattresses to be found in the hotel are of the highest quality, considering that their supplier is Hypnos, a fifth-generation family enterprise from England, which provides even the British Royal Family with mattresses. The company has been making luxury beds since the reign of King Edward II. The surface softness and ventilation of the mattresses are ensured by the layering of the finest natural materials like wool, silk, cashmere and cotton. In support of restful sleep, there is even a pillow menu available for the visitors of Botaniq Castle of Tura. It means that the hotel guests can choose from pillows of different materials and types for their own comfort.

BOTANIQ Castle of Tura is considered a popular hotel as well as event venue in the tourism offer of Europe these days, and the Sleepfriendly Excellence Award demonstrates that even the details are appreciated by the guests.