Clarisse has become the best fine dining restaurant of Hungary at the International Dining Awards competion
Clarisse, the restaurant of BOTANIQ Castle of Tura won the “Best Fine Dining Restaurant of Hungary” award at the International Dining Awards competition this year. The restaurant, which proved to be the best in its category according to the professional jury as well as the votes of the audience, awaits its guests to participate in a truly unique taste trip with outstanding dining experiences.

As a hotel, BOTANIQ Castle of Tura has excelled in a number of competitions so far, and, similarly to its services in this field, the dining experiences of BOTANIQ are also outstanding. After receiving the “Best 5-Star Hotel of Hungary 2022” award at the International Travel Awards competition, Clarisse, the restaurant of the castle entered the International Dining Awards competition, and it won the “Best Fine Dining Restaurant of Hungary” award this year.

Restaurants compete in more than 100 categories during the International Dining Awards competition, and, similarly to the system of the International Travel Awards, the winner is determined on the basis of the joint decision by the audience and a professional jury. The outstanding result achieved at the culinary competition means that the trust of the guests has been gained, their loyalty has been maintained and the restaurant brand has been strengthened.

This year, Clarisse proved to be the best in its category based on the votes of the professional jury and the votes of the audience alike, as a result of which it became the “best fine dining restaurant of Hungary” in 2022. Located not more than 50 kilometres away from Budapest, the castle and its restaurant offer a truly unique dinner experience to their visitors. The dinners, which take place from Wednesday to Saturday between 18:30 and 23:30, offer a menu that is different in each season. The meals served on the plates present the environment of the castle and the local flavours to the participants of the dinner. The team of Clarisse restaurant changes the seasonal menu while taking into account the feedback of the guests, hereby creating a menu that meets all the expectations. Along with venison, trout and duck can also be found on the plates, and the desserts also contain seasonal fruit like quince and pear quince. The meals are coupled with two different wine pairings, a cocktail pairing and a non-alcoholic drinks pairing.


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