The hotels of BDPST Group have been awarded at tourism design competitions
Two of the BDPST Group hotels, BOTANIQ Castle of Tura and Andrássy Kúria & Spa received a number of awards at two different competitions at the end of November. During the award ceremony of the Hungarian Real Estate Development Award organised on 29 November, BOTANIQ Castle of Tura won the prize in the category of hotels, and it finished second overall. Furthermore, BOTANIQ also won the awards at the Klasszis TopDesign competition organised on 30 November in the following categories: the best countryside accommodation, suite and hotel garden/terrace of the year. Along with the castle of Tura, Bobajka, the restaurant of Andrássy Kúria & Spa located in Tarcal won the award at the TopDesign award ceremony in the following category: the best restaurant of the year with a closed guest area.

The hotel development projects of BDPST Group have entered the Hungarian Real Estate Development Award as well as the Klasszis TopDesign competitions this year. BOTANIQ Castle of Tura and Bobajka, the restaurant of Andrássy Kúria & Spa won a number of awards at the competitions thanks to their development solutions and design elements.

BOTANIQ Castle of Tura – Hungarian Real Estate Development Award

BOTANIQ Castle of Tura won the first prize in the category of hotels at the FIABCI award ceremony, where its excellent rehabilitation and real estate development solutions were awarded. The former Schossberger castle became the winner of the category, and it finished second overall. The Hungarian Real Estate Federation (FIABCI Hungary) established the Hungarian Real Estate Development Award with the aim of acknowledging the outstanding performance of the Hungarian real estate developers and introducing the realized developments to the public. With its victory, the castle of Tura could join a group of imposing buildings: category winners of the previous years include the National Dance Theatre or the House of Music Hungary, which finished first overall this year. Thanks to its first place in the category, the hotel can show itself to the Hungarian as well as the international public. In the past 23 years, Hungary has received 33 golden and 39 silver medals at the international competition of FIABCI, where buildings like the Trump Tower or the Petronas Towers also came first before. With its achievements, Hungary is among the most successful countries participating in the competition.

 Following its lengthy renovation lasting for up to 30 months, BOTANIQ Castle of Tura opened as a hotel and an event venue with 19 rooms, wellness and gastronomy functions in 2020. The aim of the renovation was to restore the castle to its original state, with respect to monument protection, the restoration of the architectural elements, the reconstruction of decorative paintings and the landscaping of the park on 10 and a half hectares.

BOTANIQ Castle of Tura – Klasszis TopDesign

The editorial of Turizmus Online, which is published by Klasszis Group, organises a competition and awards Hungarian hotels, catering establishments, architects and designers as well as suppliers every year. BOTANIQ Castle of Tura won the best countryside accommodation, suite and hotel garden/terrace of the year awards thanks to its excellent architectural and design solutions.

“We are very pleased with the awards we have received as well as the recognition of the profession, which comes with them. Our aim was to present the history of the buildings and their characteristic atmosphere through design in the case of BOTANIQ Castle of Tura, Andrássy Kúria & Spa and its Bobajka restaurant, as well. Each decorative element and building block says something about the buildings, and they also add something to their unique appearance”, highlighted Zoltán Kecskeméthy, Managing director of BDPST Ingatlanfejlesztő Kft.

Andrássy Kúria & Spa, Bobajka restaurant – Klasszis TopDesign

Another hotel of BDPST Group as well as its restaurant also won an award at the competition by Klasszis TopDesign. Located in Tarcal, Andrássy Kúria & Spa welcomes its visitors as a hotel with 53 rooms, wellness and spa functions. Once owned by the Andrássy family, the building recalls the atmosphere of the former hunting lodge these days. Its restaurant, Bobajka offers its visitors Hungarian as well as international dishes together with a wine list consisting of 120 different wines of the Tokaj Wine Region. When the mansion was being renovated, it was essential to keep the atmosphere of the former rest house and to present the heritage of the Andrássy family. As a result, the hotel was designed with intimate colours, furniture and design elements recalling the hunting lodge. Bobajka, the restaurant of Andrássy Kúria & Spa won the best restaurant of the year with a closed guest area award at the Klasszis TopDesign competition. The restaurant is one of the most simple parts of the mansion, and its ambience is created through the subdued light coming from the windows and its wooden floor. In order to reduce noise, brocade patterned textiles have been used in the design of the restaurant, hereby making the large space, with the capacity of 80 guests, more intimate. Also, there is a piano in the restaurant, thus, live music can be provided for the dinner. Along with the intimate atmosphere, it was also important to achieve that nothing could distract the attention from the dishes when the restaurant area was designed.


About BDPST Group:

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